Concerns Persist Over UK High Quality Fake Rolex GMT Pepsi Watches Production

Rolex has declined to comment on suggestions that production of its cheap UK Rolex GMT Master II replica watches with a Pepsi bezel is proving problematic, and the reference may be discontinued next year.

Rumours have been circulating on forums for months that the failure rate for the manufacture of the iconic blue and red 24 hour bezel for the GMT is so high that top Swiss replica Rolex watches will cut the watch from its catalogue.

Perfect replica Rolex watches did not respond to questions from WatchPro relating to the suggested manufacturing issue, which arose as secondary market dealers said they had seen a drop-off in new luxury fake Rolex Pepsi watches being flipped.

The price of the Swiss movements Rolex GMT Pepsi copy watches rocketed last year to a peak of almost $29,000 before slumping to around $19,000.

The price is significantly higher than the AAA online super clone Rolex GMT Batman watches ($15,280), according to Subdial, suggesting rising demand, falling supply, or both.

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