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UK Top Replica Rolex Has Quietly Appointed Swiss Businessman Nicolas Brunschwig as Chairman

It appears it’s a time of change at perfect replica Rolex.

The Swiss watchmaker has named Nicolas Brunschwig as chairman of UK luxury fake Rolex SA in Geneva and its umbrella organization Rolex Holding SA, according to Bloomberg.

The appointment was actually made back in August but has been kept largely under wraps in typical cheap super clone Rolex fashion. Controlled by a private foundation created by late founder Hans Wilsdorf, the world’s best-known watch brand ironically often tends to be shrouded in secrecy from a business perspective. However, Swiss made replica Rolex confirmed the switch-up and a corporate registry filing on Thursday. Swiss newspaper Handelszeitung earlier reported the move.
Brunschwig is the heir of the Geneva family that founded Bon Génie in Switzerland in 1891, which later evolved into the luxury department store chain Bongénie-Grieder. The 63-year-old exec has been on cheap copy Rolex’s board since 2016 and was previously a trustee of the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.
Brunschwig takes the reins from Bertrand Gros. The 72-year-old former attorney resigned last July after a 15-year tenure and was instrumental in shaping high quality fake Rolex into the multibillion-dollar juggernaut it is today. Most notably, Gros named Jean-Frédéric Dufour as CEO of Rolex in 2015.

Suffice it to say, Brunschwig has some pretty big shoes to fill. His long-standing relationship with UK best 1:1 replica Rolex should put him in good stead, though. He’s also a decade younger than his predecessor and may come with new ideas and revived energy.

Not that aaa quality fake Rolex needs any help on that front, of course. The undisputed hing of horology has a market share of close to 30 percent. It produces roughly 1 million watches every year and generates about $8.4 billion in annual sales, according to Morgan Stanley. Its replica watches online have been increasingly tough to snag at retail and secondary market prices are often off-the-charts, which only adds to the brand’s hype. The watchmaker’s marketing élan, design consistency, financial independence and selective scarcity continue to ensure its unrivaled success among watch brands.

Brunschwig’s biggest challenge may be fending off more requests from friends (and those eager to make his acquaintance) jockeying to get access to the latest Swiss movement replica Rolex release.

Dozens of Rolexes Have Been Stolen Right Off the Wrists of Bay Area Watch Collectors

Even with the reports of Swiss fake Rolex prices waning on the secondary market market, most can still fetch well above their retail price—and thieves are getting increasingly savvy to the phenomenon. Earlier this year, a gang of women known as the “Rolex Rippers” targeted wealthy men wearing Rollies, using the old “sleight of hand” trick to rob them of their crown jewels. Over 30 nearly identical thefts were reported in January. Now, a new string of robbers on this side of the pond is scooping perfect replica Rolexes UK off the wrists of Bay Area residents in California.

The crimes occurred in cities including Oakland, Walnut Creek, San Leandro and Danville, among others, over the past several months. In Oakland alone, there have been more than 20 reports of luxury replica Rolexes forcibly stolen off wrists by armed perpetrators.

However, last week the Oakland Police Department issued a press release on Facebook announcing that authorities had arrested two suspects in connection with the crimes after issuing multiple search warrants in Oakland, as well as nearby Bay Area cities. The suspects were taken into custody and two firearms with extended magazines (pictured below) and a high quality fake Rolex, which had been reported stolen during the crime sprees, were recovered.

Despite the good news of the arrests, the OPD warned that locals should continue to remain vigilant as robberies are continuing to be reported in the area. They also advised that should anyone be targeted by robbers they should not try to resist thieves, still at large, who are also said to be armed and dangerous.

The safest bet, of course, is to keep your Rollies at home in the vault, for now.

As the investigation continues, authorities in the area are urging anyone to come forward with information related to armed Swiss movement replica Rolex robberies and can contact the OPD’s Criminal Investigation Division at (510) 238-3426.