The Origin Of Rolex Green Dial Submariner And Black Dial Submariner Fake Watches

Rolex Submariner Series Copy Watches if you want to points, from the perspective of comparison of generalized is actually three kinds of table, one kind is such as Datejust and Day-Date to assembling a list of category of activity such as is like ghost, green glass, and the Cellini series watches.

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Water ghost is in “Submariner “nickname.At present there are mainly two green water ghost and black water ghost , green water ghost is undoubtedly the most popular, as long as it to the shop, basically didn’t leave a few days. Rolex Green Dial Copy Watches For Sale water ghost first launched in 2010, its characteristic is to watch “green gold” plated surface with PVD technology together with coating.And the ratio of green gold material is a secret.

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Black water ghost is to fill the green water ghost in great gap in the market and the table, but it is not the “black gold”, but the Black Ceramic  Strap Fake Rolex Watches.Due to the water ghost itself is very classic, and through some kind of “for” green water ghost, black water ghost also became a good choice, the official quotation for 65900.

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